Who am I ?

Let me introduced my self. My name Getut Pramesti, you can call me Getut or Esti. I’ve two little  “jundi” are Haidar, Ammar and pretty princes Humaira. All of them’ re my inspiration in my live. You can contact me to discuss anything with me on getut.uns@gmail.com.

Here my publication books :

1. Panduan Lengkap SPSS 13.0

2. Model Linier dengan SPSS 15.0

3. Solusi Express SPSS 15.0

4. Sukses Mengolah Data di Bidang Bisnis dan Industri dengan SPSS 16.0

5. Buku Pintar Minitab 15.0

6. SPSS 18.0 dalam Rancangan Percobaan

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